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miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2019

Toshiya Fujita, Kazuo Kawabe - Nippon zero nen (1969)

Título: Nippon zero nen
Director: Tatsuo Ôsone
Subs: sin subs
101 minutos | 1.18GB | MKV


"Document: Nippon Year Zero is a film I saw as I undertook the seemingly unrelated task of reviewing Garrett Stewart’s 1999 Between Film and Screen: Modernism’s Photo Synthesis for these pages. Stewart’s mammoth study largely ignores the documentary, resting instead upon a dichotomy between avant-gardist, experimental cinema on the one hand and industrial, commercial cinema on the other. If the former’s attention to the materiality of film actually ends up in an interrogation of “no longer just the filmic apparatus ... but the whole technique of perception” (30), then Stewart finds more useful the latter, usually narrative cinema where “mimesis and materiality ... make their tensions evident in a shearing force at the surface of the text” (28). Dubbing the photogrammatic track a “terra incognita” of traditional film theory, Stewart makes an eloquent and well-documented argument across eight tautly written chapters for the importance of the single frame or photogram, the normally unseen terrain that comprises and sustains cinema’s optical system of “oscillating materiality” (266). It is the “passing away” of the photogram that necessarily, according to Stewart, “precedes all coming to be in cinema’s spectral presence, each instant of imaging the ghost of its own foremath” (37). Stewart breaks the conventional opposition between the photograph and cinema to instead consider the photograph within the moving image as a suppression legible to “a specular unconscious” " (