martes, 8 de enero de 2019

Yôichi Takabayashi - Nishijin Shinju (1977)

Titulo: Nishijin Shinju
Director: Yôichi Takabayashi
Subs: inglés dentro del mkv
110 minutos | 1.16GB | MKV


"Double Suicide" - Yumi, an exceptionally beautiful call girl, has a close call with death when a client forces her to die with him. An old cop pities her and agrees to be her guarantor so that she could join a Nishijin weaver workshop. Yumi wishes to put her dark past behind her, but she's exposed by an ex-client. Despite the unwavered support of the old cop, she sees no way out and uses her seductive body again to get what she wants. Hiroyuki, her co-worker at the weaver workshop, is a pure-hearted young man who may redeem Yumi from her deadly path as a femme fatale.


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